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Customers are invited to read carefully these Terms and Conditions for acceptance of business with Airport Meet and Greet.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings accepted by Airport Meet and Greet to the exclusion of any other terms.

Service Provided
1a. Airport Meet and Greet provides a Transfer service, transferring cars from airport terminals to car parks and back to the terminal and other services. Airport Meet and Greet parks the vehicles only in car parks that are of high quality with 24 hour security and owned and operated by Airport Meet and Greet. Vehicles may also be parked for short term at our wholly owned hotel the Hookwood Lodge which is located directly opposite our car park. Hookwood Lodge offers overnight accommodation for those customers that have an early morning flight or visiting the area. Airport Meet and Greet does not provide any additional insurance cover whilst your vehicle is parked. Airport Meet and Greet will be responsible for the car only whilst driving it except where damage is caused by any act of negligence or without reasonable care and skill on the part of its servants or Directors. Airport Meet and Greet will not be liable for third party damage whilst the car is waiting at the terminals. All valeting is carried out at our valeting station approximately 1 mile from our car park. If for any reason we are unable to carry out a requested valet then this will be done at Dragons Hand Car Wash based at Tescos Superstore less than a mile away.

1b. Photo images are normally taken of your vehicle on passing over. This is executed in good faith for the mutual benefit of both parties, alerting them to noticeable damage if weather conditions and cleanliness permit. Minor damage (scuffs, scratches, stone chips including alloy wheels) will not normally be recorded and accordingly Airport Meet and Greet will not accept liability for such damage unless such damage is caused by negligence or without reasonable care by Airport Meet and Greet ot its servants. We recommend to all Customers that there own digital photos are taken of each side of their vehicle at the point of passing over the vehicle. This will take less than a minute by a mobile phone and will help substantiate a claim in this event. Please ensure you have a point of location in the image.

1c. Airport Meet and Greet is not liable for faults arising from tyres, windscreens, engine, electrical opr mechanical parts unless such faults are caused by negligence or without reasonable care and skill of Airport Meet and Greet or its servants.

1d. The Tudor Rose facility is equipped with 'Power Start' the anti-spike method of dealing with flat batteries. This enables us to start all vehicles without damaging modern vehicle electronics. If your battery is flat it will be necessary to use the Power Start in order to prepare your vehicle for your return or to move it in the event it is causing an obstruction. Please specify if you do not wish us to use 'power start' prior to your flight. Please note that if we collect you in our courtesy vehicle you are subject to the surcharge current at the time.

2a. Flight alterations resulting in returns between 2300hrs and 0500hrs will incur no extra charge unless the delay exceeds 6 hours beyond the scheduled time of arrival.

Refunds and Long Delays
3a. Extra days of parking due to longer flight delays or any other cause (including return flight diversions) will be chargeable at the rate in force at the time, and may be subject to Clause 2a above.

3b. Distance Selling Regulations apply: See article under 'Making a Booking'  for details of your cancellation rights. Otherwise 48 hours notice must be given in the event of cancellation where an admin charge will be debited from the refund. Otherwise a full credit of the booking can be transferred to a future booking. Cancellations within the 48 hour period the fee is not refundable. Payment Protection is offered as an optional extra at a small fee right up until the Client's vehicle is passed over. For bookings made at short notice or within a 48 hour period, there is no refund unless payment protection is taken as an optional extra up until the vehicle is passed over.

4a. All monies due for parking and for other services must be paid before the vehicle is released to the Customer.

4b. Airport Meet and Greet reserves the right to apply to the DVLA for names and addresses where payment has not been made.

5a. Every vehicle in the care of Airport Meet and Greet is subject to a lien for all charges and any other monies due or accruing from the customer to Airport Meet and Greet. If the said lien is not fully satisfied by payment of all amounts due within 21 days of notice given by Airport Meet and Greet of its intention to sell the vehicle in default of payment, Airport Meet and Greet may sell the vehicle by auction or otherwise and may apply the proceeds of sale to all sums owing to Airport Meet and Greet from the customer including expenses of the sale and parking charges accrued up to the point of sale at the rate in force at that time. Any balance will be held by Airport Meet and Greet on behalf of the registered owner of the vehicle. Notice of Airport Meet and Greet’s aforementioned intention shall be deemed to have been properly and sufficiently given by posting a written notice to the registered owner at their last known address.

5b. Furthermore the Customer is obliged to collect the vehicle within three calendar months from the inbound date of this agreement. The Company reserves the right to sell the vehicle if it is not collected within this three-month period and to deduct from the sale proceeds such amounts as are owing to the Company under this agreement. However, no such sale shall take place until the Company has sent a notice by recorded delivery to the Customer at the address given on this website or to the address of the registered owner at the last known address stating its intention to sell the vehicle. The Company shall sell the vehicle if, after 21 days from the dispatch of the notice, the vehicle has not been collected.

Your responsibilities to Airport Meet and Greet
6. Special vehicles may be subject to an insurance surcharge. It is the Customer’s duty to advise Airport Meet and Greet of this at the point of booking. Any liability for damage accepted by Airport Meet and Greet will be limited to that of the Manufacturer’s standard UK design or specification.

7a. It is the Customer’s responsibility to leave the vehicle with the Chauffeur with all necessary means to enable the car to be driven away, re-started and returned safely.

7b. The Customer shall indemnify Airport Meet and Greet and its staff against any fines levied due to the condition of the vehicle, or any loss or consequential loss occasioned as a result of the vehicle’s condition.

7c. The Customer must supply sufficient details when booking the service whether by telephone, facsimile, e-mail or online to allow identification of date, exact location e.g. terminal, time and vehicle (including trailers, which may not be accepted and will be chargeable in addition). If through insufficient or inexact details being given, no collection of the car takes place, then the Customer may apply for a refund on which a handling charge at the rate in force at the time will be made.

8. If, through accident or breakdown, Airport Meet and Greet are unable to enter the terminal to collect your vehicle and your flight time is approaching, leave your vehicle in the short term car park. Leave your keys with the Airport Information Desk on the arrivals level and we will collect your vehicle at a later time. Customers must minimise any delay by advising Airport Meet and Greet Accordingly.

9a. No liability can be accepted by Airport Meet and Greet for loose or valuable items left in the vehicle unless advised to Airport Meet and Greet and accepted by Airport Meet and Greet in writing before handing the vehicle over to Airport Meet and Greet. This includes items left with the car keys. No dangerous or illegal substances or anything that renders the vehicle dangerous in whatsoever respect shall be left in the vehicle.

9b. The Customer should thoroughly inspect the vehicle before taking repossession of the vehicle and rep[ort to the driver any new damage. If you have discovered damage after you have taken possession you can still make a claim but it may be more difficult to prove that Airport Meet and Greet have caused the problem. The Customer warrants that he is the owner of the vehicle or has the power to deal with the vehicle as if he were its owner.

Our Liability to You
10a. Every effort is made to make the Car Parks secure and to collect and deliver the vehicles safely. However Airport Meet and Greet cannot guarantee the safety of vehicles nor their contents unless it is proved that Airport Meet and Greet have acted negligently or without reasobable care. Also, the Car Parks are open-air surface compounds. Accordingly, Airport Meet and Greet cannot accept liability for damage to the vehicles or other property arising from acts of God or natural causes or any causes beyond the control of Airport Meet and Greet unless it is proved that Airport Meet and Greet have acted negligently or without reasonable care.

10b. Airport Meet and Greet or its employees will only accept liability where it is proved to have been caused by negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty of Airport Meet and Greet.

11. Airport Meet and Greet reserves the right to refuse bookings without reason.

12. Airport Meet and Greet reserves the right not to release the vehicle in the absence of acceptable identification.

13. Airport Meet and Greet is not resposnible for any loss occasioned as a result of delay or failure to meet Customers return their vehicles as agreed where any such delay or failure is beyond the control of Airport Meet and Greet unless it is proved that Airport Meet and Greet have acted negligently or without reasobale care.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England.

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